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Cutting Nozzles

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Our British manufactured Cutting Nozzles will cut safer and more efficiently with its unique suction feature in the ANM and PNM  range. The principle of mixing oxygen and fuel gas within the nozzle of the cutting blowpipe is generally accepted as the best and safest arrangement for cutting. The safety is enhanced if the design […]

Cutting Torches

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Our British made Flat Handled Cutting Torches are manufactured to a high standard and are 100% fully tested and built to last. There are two basic forms of hand cutter, the NM, in which the fuel gas and the oxygen are mixed in the nozzle and the Universal, were the gases are mixed in the […]


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Centeng Ltd based in York, England formally known as Centrajet was established in 2002. For over 50 years we have produced Gas Cutting and welding equipment for the UK and Overseas markets, supplying some of the leading suppliers in this field. From our standard range of British Manufactured Cutting Nozzles like the ANM and PNM […]